Agile Methodologies

Agile Software Development
We are strong proponents of the Agile Software Development methodologies and best practices, like frequent integration and testing, daily software builds, frequent software deliverables and frequent customer interactions. Agile Development methodologies allow for us and our clients to have daily "20-20" visibility into the status of every project, so that our clients always know what they are getting. They are able to provide timely feedback, even requesting changes if necessary. They always know what to expect, and they trust our ability to deliver. As a result, most risks associated with the project are significantly alleviated.  

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management methodologies are used to get the most from Agile Development. By treating each project individually, with its unique structure, schedule and requirements, we effectively apply proven Agile methodologies to the projects of various sizes and durations, from simple month-length Web site creation to complex software development projects with multiple releases spanning over several years.  

Agile Client Support

We apply main rules of agile methodologies when supporting our clients. Frequent communications, mutually agreed priorities and severities of the reported issues, predictable resolution timelines, direct access to the involved engineering resources - these are just some features of our Agile Client Support.  

Our Best Practices